Hiroo Plaza Short Term Shop

Hiroo Plaza Short Term Shop

Kodomoparadis opened pop-up store at Hiroo Plaza Short Term Shop at the beginning of April. Thank you for every customers who purchased my products!

I never imagined that I sell my products under such tense situation before lockdown, but it was very precious moment to spent time with lots of people there.

Especially, I was so impressed that the elderly lady who purchased family matching koinobori t-shirts for his son and grandchild was really happy. She said ’That's especially at such a time, my son will be so happy if I give these🎏🎏👶’ I'm so happy to hear that too, THANK YOU💖💖

Besides, I was glad to know that new works of watermelon tees got nice feedback much. And, daruma tees were very popular in Hiroo more than expected...!!!!!

Due to coronavirus infection, all events in this spring which my store had planed were canceled. That's so sad thing but I'm looking forward to seeing you again after coronavirus. I just hope that the world will become more peaceful rather than now🌈🌈🌈🌏💖