Mikio's Exhibition

Mikio's Exhibition

Koinobori, daruma, hyottoko, okame, watermelon, shaved ice, etc., almost all drawings of my store are drawn by Mikio, an artist. He had a solo exhibition of paintings in Nagoya-city this summer. There were over 60 drawings at the POTALA STUDIO in the old building which is an important cultural property.

Currently he's living in Takayama-city, Gifu. He has been painting his life with his dog ‘MUKO'. (Kai Ken: Japanese dog breeds) Also, he and his friends start growing own rice farming. He says, he wants to become a painter who is self-sufficient🌾🌾🌏✨

⁡Sorry for the late information, but now he's planning to have next exhibition in 2022. Let me tell you when I have more details!

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