Who are we?

Founder, T-shirts Maker

Sumie Kai
Born and raised in Tokyo, 1976.

Sewing, Knitting, Cooking,... I love to make things with my hands since my childhood. So much fun to make things, so much joy to see things to be shaped. Nobody taught me how, but it's a magical time for me, as time passes so fast when I make things, "Joy to create" exists deeply in my inner body, or may be in every one of us. Now becoming an adult, I find the number of my friends with children is gradually increasing. So, I decided to make T-shirts for kids to make them happy. Humorous drawings, the artist Mikio paints are just like the heart of an innocent child. His works give us happy & funny feelings. Our children are wonderful lights for me. I believe that the laughter of our children will make the world more powerful, bright place.



Mikio Ban
Artist, living in Takayama-city, Gifu.
Holding exhibitions, designing stages and making T-shirts, etc. traveling throughout Japan.
HP: https://bambina.mystrikingly.com

Drawings: Koinobori, Hyottoko, Okame, Daruma, Watermelon and more!

Yukako Nakazawa