Soba Restraunt, Ansanbo (OUTLET SALE)

This is my friend's soba restraunt in Yaizu. For these years, they're handling my damaged items at a low price at their gallery space.

You know, I'm making all products by hand-print so there are many reasons that the second rate products are increasing gradually. Ink splotches, failure of printing, damaged showpieces, not up to standard products by manufacturer, sample goods, unpopular products which didn't sell as expected.... etc.

I've started my brand to make any positive exchange through my products since I don't want to just to obey such distorted-economic system: make a lot throw away a lot, squeezing from invisible someone in other countries or featured resources of the earth.

I don't know the most excellent answer but I wanted to do what I can do. So it's a very small initiative but I'm so happy not to waste any products of mine.

You should go to have delicious Japanese soba and check my t-shirts if you're living or staying in Shizuoka prefecture.

(Japanese soba)
99 Ozumi, Yaizu-city, Shizuoka
Morning soba time 7 to 9
Lunch time 11:30 to 14:30
Mon. Tue. closed.
Parking available.