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Daruma Kid's T shirt Black

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(Special specification)
Black daruma with gold ink printing on the body.
Black daruma is very popular among boys!!

Daruma is modeled after Bodhidharma who was a founder of Zen Buddhism.
It was originally used as a amulet against children's plague since Edo Period (400 years ago) in Japan.
Now it is traditionally familiar to Japanese as a talisman for huge harvest, good business and good luck.
Besides, dharma embodies perseverance.
That has a round shape. Whenever roll it, it can stand up straight away.
We say it as ‘NANA-KOROBI YA-OKI’.
It means tumbling seven times, standing up eight times -even if there are a lot of troubles, never give up and just keep trying.

Painting by Mikio Ban

Red: Luck, Amulet
Blue: Success
Green: Health
Black: Prosperity
Pink: Love
Gold: Financial fortune
Silver: Making a breakthrough

A Japanese letter 【福】(means fortune) is printed on the back of the neck. It's a very cute back view!!

Cotton 100%
Silk-screen hand-printed
Durable neck, high-quality soft material
Printing endures machine washing

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The estimated delivery date will be notify after receiving your order.
Let me know if you are in a hurry or if you have some request.
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    Daruma Kid&
    Daruma Kid&
    Daruma Kid&
    Daruma Kid&
    Daruma Kid&
    Daruma Kid&
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    ・Mikan (Japanese orange)
    ・福 (means good fortune)


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